Ratatoing is what i believe to be the greatest movie of the 21st century, why is that you might ask?
I'll tell you, with this list:

The Dialog is incredible.
Some of the dialog in this movie is unlike anything in cinema before, dialog that, while you may think it has nothing to do with the story, sets the scene of the best rat restaurant in Rio De Janeiro perfectly.

The Animation is Simple but Good:
While simplistic, the animation shows clearly what's happening, and doesn't complicate things, not obscuring the well-crafted, interesting plot.

Character Design That You Cannot Mistake:
Each character is distinct with colors ranging from blue to grey to green to pink, different shapes and sizes, you can't mistake Marcell for Greg, just won't happen!

The Masterful Plot:
The plot is incredibly well done, so easy to understand even a child would enjoy it, yet so intriguing even the most intelligent movie fanatics would be thinking about it for days.

The Originality:
This movie is very original, no doubt about it, from the setting to the character design and plot, everywhere you look is originality.

The Unique Setting:
Ratatoing, a restaurant, run entirely by rats, in the city of Rio De Janeiro, a rival restaurant, a plan. This setting is unlike anything seen before.

If that doesn't convince you to at least give Ratatoing a try, i don't know who can.

My thoughts on ratatoing:
This movie is nothing but a masterpiece, it's an unforgettable experience.
You can tell that every second of this movie was meticulously handcrafted with love.
Watch ratatoing, do yourself a favor.

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