gamer thoughts

i think cocaine should be legal i want cocaine i want cocaine i think the governemt is full of lies?
tghthe goverment want keep cocaione away from mkbe i wil become too powerful and the foverment is scared damnit obama

if you you is momma so gay then what do you???? are gay or gay people real??????
do you you or is you lesbian? if a man woman love but woman woman man man how sex works???? no child??????????
if woman woman ghave sex (sissogfing) no baby??!

what if horses had teeth i think about it a lot you know like it must be hard to be an animal with out teeth like having teeth is so nice but if your a horse and you have no teeth how do you eat?? horses eat grass and dirt and bugs??

watch our for cell towers...!!!!! they are poisoming us they are trying to KILL us they hate babies i also hate babies babies fucking suck i am scared of the government #no5G #noLTE

henry like hen like chiocken like cliuck cluck cluick lkcuck cklcu clkckuc. like the bird...... henry henry bird bird

i want gamer boy bath water gamer girl bath water .... money. .

okay lets be honest gamers are OPPRESSED if you think gamers are NOT OPPRESSED trhen youy are GAMOPHOBIC and youll get CANCELLED

birds,..... i love bitds,.,, i love birds so much sometimes i see a bird and i want to cry i love them so much and theyre little wings aree so cute and when i see them going lfab lfap falpf vbalbv fjjfd j fla p p fp pfpflp ll lp lp i go AWWHOO OO OOOOO EEEEE and boy i love birds i just wanna hold those little dudes they have no mean bones in theuyre body.... canm ean mean bone if bone... hollow

guns anime gaming

i hope opossums never go extincted
they are spunky lil dudes who have no mean bones in theyre body

i dont get gay people i just dont think its real i dont know are they real likle man man sex what i dont think so penis penis go together who penis go in what?????
man man sex penis penis no sex dont work i dont think its right like how does sex work i dont think
woman woman sex who penis who no penis ????? if man and man dating who is man ?????? rela tion shiop work with man men man man worman ?? no gay sex?????????????
if gay sex isnt real than gay people shouldnt be real either please explan?
please respond asap